Courage is Vision

January 31, 2009

A few days ago on twitter, I responded to the hashtag, "courage", and my contribution was Einstein's profound words, "Most people see what is and never what can be". As I thought about what these words meant, I realized that I knew someone who follows that wisdom unwaveringly.

My sister has a 13-year old autistic son. His life is a constant struggle with many successes and improvements, through therapy, over the years and many, many setbacks and downturns as well. In these 13 years, I have never heard a word of regret or a defeated tone in her voice, however tough the circumstances may be.
How is it possible for someone to be so cheerful and optimistic all the time in such a situation?

I think it has something to do with what Einstein believed in.
My sister's philosophy is that every special-needs child can be taught and is capable of learning. It's just that we, the teachers and the parents, have not figured out the strategy yet. She believes that, while progress may be slow, with sufficient time and effort, these children will learn and, one day, can become independent.

Where others see a special needs child, she envisions what they can become. Where others see their disabilities, she sees their potential.
I'd like to salute all those remarkable mothers, fathers, and caregivers for their compassion, perseverance, determination, and above all, their vision.

Do you know someone with the ability to look beyond what is and see what can be?
What are the qualities of such a person?

In three words, I can sum up everything I've learned about life. It goes on.
-Robert Frost

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