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March 20, 2009

Staying organized is crucial for me. Organizers, calendars, to-do lists, check lists on whiteboards, miscellaneous pieces of paper to jot down notes, etc are some of the tools that I use. Trying to store all that information and reminders in my head stopped working a long time ago.

As I start a new job that will take me outside of the home, I want to be able to communicate with my family and have all our calendars and tasks in sync. Since we spend a lot of our time on the computer, I've been looking for something that has many different features and can be accessed online as well.

There are several such free software as well as web-based resources to help organize and manage our numerous activities. Here's a list that I've found useful:

  1. Famundo - This online resource is a tool for the entire family. Several different members can add to the calendar, t0-do lists can be created and assigned to specisic members, list for particular events. It even has a blog and photo feature which I don't acccess but could be useful if you want everything in one place.

  2. Cozi - This is somewhat similar to famundo. It has all the features of famundo with the added benefit of mobile access and synchronization with MS Outlook. I may switch to this one since the interface seems very user-friendly.

  3. Hott notes - This software helps you place little sticky notes on your desktop. There are three choices: a note, a checklist, and a scribble pad. If you work on a laptop and tend to move around, you can take your sticky notes with you on your display screen.

  4. Doitdoitdone - If you don't like signing up and creating yet another user id and password, this is an efficient tool. It acts like a little yellow pad where you can add tasks, you could send the url to other members of your family who can add to it and cross out as and when tasks are completed. It doesn't have a calendar but is a simple and easy notepad for online use.

  5. Remember the Milk - This is a simple web tool to add, manage, and share tasks via email, sms, and instant messenger. It can be used with igoogle and Google calendar as well.
If you're looking for more GTD (Getting Things Done) productivity and management tools, Mashable has a comprehensive list of more than 100 such tools. Here's another list from Zen Habits.

What tools do you use? If you are currently using a GTD tool that has worked successfully for you, please share them in the comment section.

In three words, I can sum up everything I've learned about life. It goes on.
-Robert Frost

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