Rediscovering Old Interests

January 14, 2017

Where did these 6 years go? It just feels like a couple of months, at the most, have gone by without a single post or interaction with the blogging community.

As I look through my old posts I almost feel like I'm observing a different person. Did I actually pen those posts? It's quite fascinating to read them and reflect on my state of mind from six years ago  -  I had, at that time, some specific goals to create engaging content through my blog and it sounded like I was determined to follow through. But somehow that didn't quite happen...I guess life happened, priorities changed and the disappointing realization that, with the increasing digital overload, my content would make minimal or worse, no impact at all.

Tonight as I lounged around in a hotel room in College Station, I realize that I have missed out on an activity that was therapeutic, meditative, and one which gave me a creative outlet to explore my interests and share them with a wider audience.

It seems appropriate that on this Martin Luther King weekend I would rediscover my love for this avenue of expression. His inspiring words to do the best that you possibly can and follow your dreams, propels me to embark on this journey again. I hope you can join me and participate in these dialogues.

Happy Martin Luther King Day!

In three words, I can sum up everything I've learned about life. It goes on.
-Robert Frost

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